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Instructor leads students in rigging operations on the Bay of Bengal.



Sept 9, 2013

Global Training & Environmental is now offering SEMS Awareness training. The SEMS ruling went into affect November 15, 2012 and requires that all personnel reporting to offshore installations receives SEMS awareness training prior to arriving onsite. SEMS awareness is currently part of the Safe Gulf and Rig Pass Offshore Safety Orientation training. However, those personnel who received their training prior to the SEMS ruling can now take advantage of our SEMS Awareness add-on and avoid having to retrain or develop an in-house program.





July 1, 2013

Heat and heat related illnesses are a serious concern for employers and employees alike. Workers exposed to heat extreme heat may experience symptoms of heat-related illness such as heat cramps, heat rash, nausea, exhaustion, fainting, heat stroke and even death. It is critical for employees to drink water consistently throughout the day. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink, stay hydrated!

Let Global Training and Environmental help you create and maintain the safe and knowledgeable workforce your company needs.

Here is a link to see if you are HYDRATED ENOUGH! Urine Color Chart

February 16, 2013

Recently a person was fatally injured offshore when a boom hoist wire rope parted. Knowing what to look for before accidents happen is critical. Let Global help you stay ahead of accidents by showing you what to look for.

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