Bush Hog, Tractor, and Rotary Mower Safety & Operations

Course Description

Tractors and brush cutting equipment items are only used seasonally, with many months passing between uses. It is important to consider the safety precautions necessary for these pieces of equipment, because operators may change and even senior operators tend to forget procedures that aren’t followed repeatedly and frequently. This four hour course is for both experienced and inexperienced operators of tractor and mowing equipment.

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Saturday August 24, 2019


4 hours
Course Availability:
Upon Request

Course Content

  1. Tractor Pre-Start Check
  2. Mower Pre-Start Check
  3. Tractor Start-Up & Operations
  4. Rotary Mower Start-Up & Operations
  5. Daily Maintenance
  6. Machine Safety
  7. Operational Checkout Procedures
  8. Written Examination