Qualified Crane Operator – Mobile Cranes

Course Description

This course is intended for those students who will be operating mobile cranes at the worksite. Physical qualifications evaluation (vision, depth perception, etc.) is included in course. A student hands-on evaluation is performed by the instructor during the course presentation. This course may be presented at our main campus or at your crane location.

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Saturday August 24, 2019
8 hours
Course Availability:
Upon Request - Call for Availability

Course Content

  1. Application Regulations
  2. Qualification Requirements
  3. Crane Operator Responsibilities & Certification Process
  4. Crane Components
  5. Load Charts
  6. Correcting Swings
  7. Emergency Procedure Guidelines
  8. Lift Procedure Checklist
  9. Safe Operating Techniques & Practices
  10. Principles of Operation
  11. Operation of Controls
  12. Inspections & Maintenance
  13. Signals & Communications
  14. Specific Crane Information (if applicable)
  15. Site & Operations Prep
  16. Ground Stability
  17. On Outriggers v. On Rubber
  18. Correct Outrigger Use
  19. Pick & Carry Operations
  20. Written Exam
  21. Hands-on Evaluation (proficiency evaluation of simple lifts, rigging & signaling)