Helicopter Landing Officer [H.L.O.]

Course Description

H.L.O. is a four hour course designed to provide students an understanding of the equipment and requirements involved in platform and marine helicopter operations. Students will become familiar with onboard safety and communications equipment as well as emergency procedures, including emergency shutdown and fire-fighting.

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Sunday August 25, 2019

Fire Prevention & Control or equivalent fire-fighting training

4 hours
Course Availability:
Upon Request

Course Content

  1. Introduction to H.L.O.
  2. Equipment & Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Firefighting Equipment
  4. Fire & General Alarms
  5. Helidecks & Helideck Markings
  6. Helideck Signs
  7. Communications
  8. Helicopter Emergency Procedures
  9. Fuel Spills
  10. Fire on the Helicopter/Helideck
  11. Passenger Rescue
  12. Daily Checks
  13. Helicopter Refueling
  14. Start-up Procedures
  15. After Take-off Procedures
  16. Radio Silence Procedures
  17. Prior to E.T.A. Procedures
  18. Landing Procedures
  19. Written Examination

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