Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material: N.O.R.M. Surveying

Course Description

N.O.R.M. is an eight hour program designed to provide a basic understanding of what is needed to properly survey equipment for the presence of N.O.R.M. radiation. The student is introduced to the subject through a discussion of the nature and effects of N.O.R.M. The monitoring of oil and gas production equipment for the presence of N.O.R.M. and N.O.R.M. quantitative measurement methods are discussed. Control and management techniques are reviewed and practiced. The student will be introduced to N.O.R.M. detection equipment and will be required to demonstrate proper use and maintenance of this equipment.

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Monday December 31, 2018


8 hours
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Upon Request

Course Content

  1. Introduction to N.O.R.M.
  2. N.O.R.M. Elements
  3. N.O.R.M. Definitions
  4. N.O.R.M. Exposure
  5. Radiation Measurement Units and Exposure Limits
  6. N.O.R.M. in Oil & Gas Production
  7. Where to Find N.O.R.M. in Oil & Gas
  8. Exposure Control Factors
  9. Survey Equipment
  10. Radiation Badges
  11. Working Around N.O.R.M.
  12. N.O.R.M. Storage
  13. N.O.R.M. Disposal
  14. Where to Survey
  15. Survey Procedures
  16. Survey Documentation
  17. Written Examination
  18. Hands-on Instruction and Student Demonstration

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