Production Safety Systems [T-2] Refresher Testing

Course Description

This American Petroleum Institute approved program provides an opportunity for experienced Production Safety System Personnel to review issues relevant to Production Safety System Training and confirm understanding of regulations and skills necessary to perform their duties. To pass this course, students must score a minimum 85% on a closed-book written examination and 100% on a hands-on examination. Re-testing is not allowed on the T-2 Refresher. Any student failing to meet the passing criteria must complete a full three-day T-2 course to achieve certification.

Course Size Minimum: None

Course Size Maximum: 20

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Saturday August 24, 2019

(per API) Six [6] years of offshore oilfield experience; successful completion of two instructor let PSST [T-2] courses; possess valid PSST [T-2] certification.

1 day
Course Availability:
Upon Request

Course Content

  1. Review of recent NTLs
  2. Review of recent regulatory changes
  3. Discussion of significant recent incidents
  4. Review of student issues & question
  5. Written Examination [minimum 50 questions]
  6. Hands-on Skills Evaluation