Water Survival / H.U.E.T. with M.E.T.S Simulator

Course Description

An eight hour course to prepare students to avoid in-the-water incidents while educating them to minimize injuries and help survive in the event of a water evacuation. This course meets international standards for Helicopter Underwater Egress Training [HUET] and utilizes the Modular Egress Training Simulator [METS].

This program exceeds the requirements of API RP T-7

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Wednesday November 25, 2020


Student must wear jeans and a t-shirt or coveralls for class participation.
8 hours
Course Availability:
Tue & Wed 7:00AM

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Water Survival
  2. Effects of Cold Water Immersion
  3. Cold Water Shock
  4. Hypothermia/Hyperthermia
  5. Abandonment Systems
  6. Personal Flotation Devices (Types I-V)
  7. Clothing Flotation
  8. Treading Water
  9. Survival Swimming
  10. Help/Huddle
  11. Location Aids
  12. Helicopter Safety, Emergencies and Evacuation – Before Impact
  13. Helicopter Safety, Emergencies and Evacuation – After Impact
  14. Practical Pool Exercises:
  • Survival Swimming
  • Clothing Flotation
  • Swimming Through Hazardous Environment
  • Five Minute Float
  • Type I Familiarization
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape
  • Surviving with FAA Approved Equipment