Water Survival / HUET

Course Description

A four to five hour course to prepare students to avoid in-the-water incidents while educating them to minimize injuries and help survive in the event of a water evacuation. Our competent instructors provide lecture and actual water training exercises. API RP T-7, T-4, 75 SEMP and USCG Title 33 regulations recommend all offshore personnel receive annual training in water survival.

NOTE: This course does NOT satisfy the METS requirement. If you need HUET with METS, CLICK HERE.

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Course Details

Next Start Date:
Wednesday December 2, 2020


4-5 hours
Course Availability:
Every Fri. @ 7:00 a.m.

Course Content


  1. Introduction to Water Survival
  2. Review of API RP T-7: Training of Personnel in the Rescue of Persons in Water
  3. Review of USCG Title 33 Part 143: Manned & Unmanned Platforms (USCG Inspection Review)
  4. Emergency Situations (Types, Signals, Station Bill)
  5. Survival Principles (Training & Drills, Attitudes, Platform Abandonment & Clothing as Bouyant Devices)
  6. Personal Floatation Devices (Types I-V)
  7. Life Ring Buoys, Life Floats, Life Rafts (Applications & Launching)
  8. Survival Capsules
  9. Signaling Equipment & Pyrotechnics
  10. Helicopter Safety
  11. Swing Ropes & Personnel Basket Risks & Precautions
  12. Survivor Emergency First Aid Treatment
  13. Written Examination

Practical Pool Exercises: (year around in a heated pool)

  1. Survival Floating
  2. Use of Clothing as Bouyant Devices
  3. PFD: Swimming While Donning, HELP Position Demo, Hypothermia Protection
  4. Water Entry From a Height
  5. Life Raft Boarding From Water; Assisting Exhausted Survivor in Life Raft
  6. Rescuing a Drowning Person While Wearing PFD
  7. Escaping an Oil Fire on Water Surface
  8. Helicopter Crash Simulation Escape
  9. Life Ring Toss