Health, Safety & Environmental Solutions

Could outsourcing your EHS be right for you?

As a full-service training, environmental and consulting company, Global Training & Environmental is uniquely qualified to provide your business with personnel possessing specific experience with your EHS needs.

We can work with or as your EHS department. Companies use GT&E for EHS solutions from training to safety meetings, SPCC plans to SSQs, as well as any other EHS challenges your business faces.

Below are some reasons to use GT&E as your EHS solution:

  • As companies compete for fewer qualified workers, professional, certified training programs that offer clearly defined objectives will attract & retain these high-quality workers.
  • Skilled audit personnel will help identify problems and offer solutions so you can avoid costly regulatory or operations problems.
  • Supplemental consulting provides you with specialized experts for your specific requirement & regulations at a lower cost.
  • In today’s highly competitive markets, you need a trained and skilled workforce capable of meeting regulatory & operational demands to expand your market share.
  • Standardized training establishes workers with credible career path opportunities rather than just jobs.
  • Your corporate commitment to improving worker skills and professionalism increases employee loyalty, morale and motivation while cutting absenteeism and turnover.
  • Skilled, well-trained employees are less likely to have accidents and/or recordable incidents.
  • A commitment to training clearly demonstrates a commitment to quality and provides a competitive edge to your business.
  • Professional, skilled workforce is a critical ingredient to customer satisfaction, thereby increasing your potential for repeat business.
  • Trained workers are more capable of identifying potential problems & making innovative, cost-reducing solutions to job tasks.
  • GT&E can act as your clearing house for all types of specialized training which may periodically occur.
  • All courses at GT&E are designed to ANSI Z490.1 standards.